Sylet Business consultancy established in the year 2018, with its head office in Ndola, Zambia, has been established as a go-to multi-consultancy company for a wide range of business solutions.

Our Vision

Surrounded by a competitive environment, Sylet business consultancy’s vision is to become the most preferred consultancy company around Zambia in the nearest future. We strive to offer consultancy over a wide range of issues that our clients may face. Our diversity in consultancy within our clients budget is the reason why our company would be most preferred.





We combine technological resources, teamwork, and highly trained individuals in the delivery of our services. From the moment you call, we immediately start attending to the case presented to us. We strive to get work done efficiently and effectively. To gain the confidence of our clients, we constantly make update calls to our clients, therefore, our clients are in the know every step of the way. We care about each and every client we have hence we have a confidentiality policy that is applied on every case.

We also love to hear from our customers concerning their complaints, complements as well as recommendations as we wish to serve our customers better. Our clients are highly valued hence we have created a customer data base and we do link companies and see how best they can work together in business.